Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures from this past year

Our Dating Anniversary

This past Sunday Jeremy and I celebrated our "first date" anniversary. Our good friends Jon and Stacie and their two boys babysat Annalise. Two years ago it would have been the day after the 4th of July. We were going to go out to coffee and talk about the adventure ahead for Jeremy's leave for China, but we ended up in a late evening candlelight dinner at the Redwood Room. This anniversary is almost more important than our wedding anniversary. If we had not had this first date we would not have been married, and little Annalise would not be here today! First dates are so important, you may never know the lifelong changes ahead for you! And for us, they have been all good and all blessings.

We've had an exciting adventure this past year of living in the US. We've been renting from our good friends Josh and Stephanie while they all went on to California for the BSSM. I think we have grown alot this past year and feel led to stay another year in Rochester. Especially now that there will be a DSSM. We are both applying. It will work out so well with our schedules, especially with being able to find babysitters for Annalise for the two evenings a week that the school is meeting.