Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family Life

We are having internet and computer time issues, so the most I can hope for in our blog at this point is to post a few pictures as fast as I can and talk about them a little...

This past week we had a leak in the pipe running to our washing machine, and the repairman could not come until a few days later. So Jeremy and Hudson put together a tube to catch the drips and drain the water into a big bucket sitting on the floor next to it. They made it with some masking tape, scissors, and an empty paper towel roll. I was so thankful that it was no longer dripping all over the floor and around the machine! So helpful! The leak is now fixed nicely with a new pipe fitting that allows you to turn the water on only when using the washing machine. Hudson is still very interested in pipes and plumbing, and concerned about leaks.

Hudson puts on his tool belt and looks down the drains with his flashlight.

Hudson and Annalise trying out their scooters at the park!

At 21 months old, Sayde now says
 "I want some of that," I git you," and she can say "I love you" in English as well as Chinese.

Right now the kids have some colds and coughs, and Sayde is still up next to me in bed squirming, twisting, turning and bumping my elbow at every second, unable to fall asleep. It is now 10:45 pm. Hudson and Annalise have fallen asleep already. They are still doing well with earlier bedtimes. With the family being sick this past week, we stayed home over the Mother's Day weekend and watched Danny Silk parenting DVD's. Sayde decided to do a somersault off our bed and ended up with only a scratch on her forehead, thankfully. Sayde was paying attention to Danny Silk and even picked up a few phrases, one of them "oh no!" Only those of our readers who have watched these and is familiar with Danny Silk will find this funny!