Monday, August 3, 2015

Sayde turns two!!

Yesterday was Sayde's birthday, and one of the first things she did that day was swing in her favorite swing that Gandy hung from the tall tree on the hill in his and Gamma's yard. It was lunchtime and we needed to go inside, but she didn't want to stop her swing short of the normal 45 plus minutes. She threw a fit back inside the house and screamed, hugging my legs and trying to knock me over, "I want swing!"

Finally I brought her back outside with her pizza slice, and she ate it happily and peacefully as she swung gently in her swing. I got to take some pictures of the kids while they all had fun swinging. Hudson likes the rope swing best. Annalise is learning how to pump her legs and swing herself. It's hard when the swing is so high, hanging from the tree branch. They're not your everyday swings at the playground!

When she finished her cauliflower pizza slice, she held out her bowl and asked for more, happily getting out of the swing that time to go inside for another slice. That after noon we had a family party for sweet Sayde with her cousins, Oma, Opa, aunts and uncles.  Here's a few photos from the day...

By her second birthday, Sayde already can sing "Jesus loves me this I know..." and all the rest of it. She can say "honor your mother and your father," one of Annalise and Hudson's memory Bible verses  this past year. She mixes in a few Chinese words with her English, "where zai (在) Daddy go?"  She can also say "hello kitty", "oh my goodness!", and "I want my own bed." Although, she still has to fall asleep next to Mommy first. And she still nurses as much as any younger baby. She could be nursing until she's three!