Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Little bits at a time...

Our family has had a busy few weeks here in Shanghai...homeschool began officially for Annalise and she is doing so well with that. She is able to read some short story books that contain all the words she has learned thus far, and the math program we picked has been super easy for her. We're wondering if we picked the wrong one, but it's too late now...maybe next year. We also met and hired a Chinese nanny named aiyi Xiang. She is coming to our home two mornings a week and helping me with the kids so I'm able to work with Annalise more one on one, and she only speaks Chinese! She is exactly what we had hoped for and a huge answer :) I have learned so much from her. She brings a sense of peace to the loud chaos of our home, a very sweet and peaceful presence. We have also been able to go out and get the kids playing with other Chinese children. Yesterday they played ball with another little boy. All three of our kids enjoyed running on the big grassy field where people fly kites. Sayde ran in bare feet. We're still working on getting her to enjoy wearing shoes. She has been walking for over three months now and it's how she learned to walk so early. Everyone here is surprised about that...
A couple weekends ago our family joined a company tour around the city for the mid autumn festival. It is a Chinese holiday similar to thanksgiving. We went to a city planning museum, a garden, the bund and some restaurants. We were told our kids behaved well, in spite of the fact that they still eat food with their hands and dump noodles into their laps :) 
This week I braved taking all three kids with me on the subway alone to get to a mums tea. It was with ladies from our intl fellowship and only three stops east from our station. It was definitely worth it and the kids did well and played with others. 
So much more to write but this is all I have time for. Our children are still staying up until midnight no matter how much activity, exercise, running around they get and it's exhausting. I'm thankful to drink coffee!