Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life is Good in Minnesota

We have returned back home to Minnesota and our time in Shanghai is officially over. Jeremy put in his notice at work last month and we spent many weeks preparing for the return and saying good-bye to all of our friends and church family in the city, not knowing what was up next for us. This was one of the most difficult aspect of our decision to leave...The church community we had become part of...a one to two hour commute to visit friends in their homes for all the kids groups, Bible study groups, and our home cell group. Here in the States, these groups do not exist! We hope that we can bring the sense of fellowship, and how we desperately need it, back home with us and get things started here. We will miss this kind of community, but believe this can be possible here too.
We know that many seeds were planted and new life begun as we left Shanghai. Jeremy was able to witness to many friends, even Chinese Muslim. We gave away lots of literature. Lisa met another friend who, along with her husband, held prayer and worship day and night and was able to connect a couple of our other searching friends to this family. We were a little more bold and focused this time than last time.
Right now, we are adjusting to a life back in Minnesota. Jeremy starts his new job in mid-July. Thankfully, we have a couple weeks to settle in.