Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What we all have been doing

At age 3 Annalise is learning to write letters, and her favorite name to write is Hudson's...
Hudson loves his trucks and cars, but instead of just pushing them around the house he likes to try and get inside and drive them too...
I made a responsibility chart out of felt for Annalise. It is made of cut-out pictures instead of words so she can know what she can be responsible for even at the age of 3. She has been doing lots better with her potty-learning, and even went in an outhouse toilet of all places!
Jeremy and I are going to crossfit gym classes every week and getting stronger, and I'm going to run in the twin cities marathon again this fall. Annalise and Hudson like to stretch with me.
Jeremy and I also performed a song and skit at the Chinese school graduation in town. We sang the song that Jeremy sang when he proposed to me, and Hudson and Annalise loved hearing and seeing us with the grandparents in the audience. There were other performances too of the younger kids dancing, and Annalise wants to do that when she gets "bigger". We're planning on enrolling them in the Chinese school when they are old enough, and we are trying to teach them Chinese words now when it is easier for them to pick up a new language. We sure hope and pray about when we can go to the nations and go back to China.