Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Picnic Outing

The past week was a Chinese holiday and Jeremy had a whole week off from work. We went on a picnic one day with a couple co-worker friends to a small mountain west of the city. They brought a tent with them and set it up to keep out of the sun during the day and take naps in, however none of our kids took naps...They were too busy playing with the neighboring Chinese children and making friends with them! They have come a long way in two months. At first it was difficult getting them to just say "hello" to another kid at the playground. While picnicing Annalise spent hours just talking in English to this Chinese family next to us and sitting next to the water lilies with a girl her age. Hudson was playing with water toys and playing tag. He chased the other kids in a game, pretending he was a dinosaur, and learned how to say "konglong." It is so cute to hear their little voices learning and saying Chinese words. And Sayde, she just enjoyed running around all over the grass in her onesie and meeting all the other little Chinese babies her age. I mistakenly thought the sun would not be so bad, and everyone got sunburns by the end of the day.  Plenty of vitamin D for us city dwellers!

We have learned over the past two months that putting too much pressure on our kids isn't the best for them. We decided to let up and just let them figure out how to make friends, learn Chinese and adjust to the culture. We are thankful for the international friends we have met who encouraged us and told us we were doing just fine and don't worry too hard about how or when or how many friends our kids are making. Their biggest influence should be at home. Not long after that, sure enough they are playing with other kids every day we go to a park. All they have to do is bring a soccer ball with them and their is always someone else to play with. 

When we came home that evening of the picnic, we noticed Sayde had a fever. She came down with roseola the next three days, so for the rest of the holiday we just remained at home keeping her fever down. She is finally over that part and just has the rash. I am so thankful I know what it is and that it is not serious. She is teething at the same time, we are surprised at how well she has been acting in spite of all that.