Friday, February 6, 2015

A Normal Day with Our Three Little Superheros

Yesterday I took the kids to an indoor playground to meet a friend.  The kids were able to get some energy out and play while we talked here and there for 20 minutes. We stopped at the restroom on the way out and as I was busily helping the kids wash their hands while washing mine with Sayde in my front pack carrier, many of the other ladies in the restroom were watching us closely. One handed me a paper towel to dry my hands with and another one brought up the fact that I have three children. This is brought up on a constant basis as soon as we step outside our door :) This time the lady gave me a thumbs up and basically told me that I am doing a good job. That meant the world to me.

 Our kids have been having fun with their new superhero costumes from Gamma and Gandy. Even before they had them they would improvise with just about anything to create costumes and capes. Now even Sayde enjoys dressing up with the other two... 

Below, Hudson likes to play "Abe Lincoln" after we read a story together about his life, how he would bundle up his belongings in a hankerchief and tie it up on a stick to carry over his shoulder and travel around through the woods practicing speeches. He packs all his clothes, underwear and pajamas in blankets and carries them with him everywhere...

Below is our school shelf with books we are reading together throughout the year. Some Annalise will be able to read by herself soon, others we are reading aloud as stories. Little take-out containers when washed well make good crayon and marker containers later :)

Sayde loves to hold the music player and hum along, dancing and bobbing up and down to the kid's songs...they are memory verses for the kids to learn set to songs, such as "Children obey your parents..." which is set to a salsa music tune. I wish I could share the video!

Another lunch date with Jeremy at the coffee shop next door. The new Chinese year's animal is the ram sheep. For the new Chinese year fireworks will be set off all the time the next couple of weeks. We live far enough in the inner rings of the city where they are not allowed to be set off, but right next to the border line area, so people will be setting them off still quite close since it's kind of a gray borderline area. Whenever we do hear them we immediately say, "oooh, pretty" to Sayde so she will not be scared of the loud sounds!

This is our third bedroom which is the guest room where my parents stayed. Right now all 3 kids share a bedroom, but after Sayde is ready to sleep with Annalise in the big double bed in their room Hudson can then move into this room. After reading The Boxcar Children story together, about some orphaned kids who lived in an empty boxcar in the woods until they were happily adopted by their Grandfather at the end of the book, we now pretend that this is the "boxcar room" and the kids play in here...

We are exploring possibilities of hosting a small group in our apartment from the international fellowship, but haven't heard of any interest in it yet from other families with small children in our area. We are hoping that can come together eventually.