Monday, March 31, 2014

Something new is coming!

Many years ago I had a dream of bright orange carrots multiplying everywhere, taking over and filling up the sky. It wasn't a very good dream. I thought about applying it to our modern day excess of good things. When we have too much stuff it becomes clutter and takes over, so even a good thing can be bad if it doesn't have its proper place. Recently, we had to do a lot of decluttering. We came to the decision that we had to sell our house for the new adventures for our family that are coming up very soon...We had two weeks to declutter and get everything clean. Our house sold in 10 days at a good price. We were told that it might be fast! Here are some memories we have while living in the 1920's craftsman home we owned for two years.

Family Picture

Babies on the rug

Christmas 2013

Sayde in her high chair, 6 months

Our kids have been going through some adjustments. Sayde started crawling, sitting up and standing at 6 and 7 months and has been a very busy handful! There's been some potty accidents and emotional swings with the older two. Even at their age, this is a big deal for them. But we came to the conclusion that our family is home, not a building or house. And we are excited for what God has ahead for us. We are in the process of a relocation, and what's coming up next for our family is gonna be big!