Monday, June 14, 2010

Graduating from school

In May we celebrated the graduation from our school we attended all this year at our church Destiny, and it was exciting because we were being sent out as Daniels into the world and marketplace (see the Bible book of Daniel). It also reminded me (Lisa) of a similar time graduating from a first year school of ministry in Toronto years ago. Just like our school this year, it was for training lay people in non-traditional callings (not so much for those interested in entering a full-time ministry for their vocations). I haven't kept up with that church and school, but in 1996 it was a brand new school and I was blessed to be part of such an exciting beginning and an amazing experience at tacf. God did so much in my heart in that time and through that organization that I would not be in the place I am today or serving the Lord.

If you have ever read the book of Daniel, it is about a young man who serves God and who is sent to Babylon under King Nebuchednezzar's rulership, who is known to be one of the most evil and brutal kings in history who eventually turns and bows down to acknowledge God as the one true God of the universe. God used Daniel in the turning of this kings' heart in miraculous ways and through the interpretation of his dreams, something all the wise men of his kingdom could not do. Daniel was a man of God who lived in an extremely worldly and ungodly culture. No one worshipped God. He was able to live in such a way that he served and stood for God no matter what and eventually he influenced that world's culture more than they were ever able to touch his heart and influence him, because his heart was courageous for God and depended on Him completely. This is exciting that we were commissioned in the same way in our world. And it is exactly how Jeremy and I are raising our kids.