Monday, April 2, 2012

Adventure of the day

We've had a few mishaps and adventures recently in our newly purchased house. The other day I tripped while carrying the plastic humidifier tank upstairs to the kids room, and it burst open spilling a tank of water on the steps. I mopped it up with a big blanket and got all the water, then I checked the basement below the stairs. The water and gone down to the bottom step and through the wooden beam ceiling of the basement, but there was so little left by that time I mopped it up with an old towel and that was it! We had just gotten the humidifier with the kids being sick this past month, so we will have to wait until next winter to buy another one if it's ever needed again.

The second most recent adventure in the house was this morning. I brought Hudson downstairs to the living room and heard a chirping, flapping noise in the fireplace. It is enclosed with doors like a wood stove so I couldn't see whatever was in there, but I assumed it was a bird. We called my dad to figure out what to do and decided to open the doors and let it fly out the front door. My husband bravely opened the doors with a bucket ready to catch it and a little black bird flew out into the room. He opened the front door and thankfully it pretty quickly flew outside. I think Jeremy said it was a grackel bird. I'm just glad it was a could have been something much worse!

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