Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bathtime Adventures

We had a bathtub/ bathtime adventure last night at our house. After dinner I mention something about it being time for the kids baths and how we need to head upstairs. A few minutes later I am still cleaning up in the kitchen and hear water running upstairs. Hudson likes to get stools or paint cans, whatever he can find to step up on and turn on water in the bathroom sink. I go up there and to find them running back and forth from the sink to the bathtub with "buckets" of water, trying to fill the tub with water for their bath. For their "bucket" they were using the empty potty bowl from their potty chair, and several bowls of this water had flooded the bathroom floor already. This was the biggest adventure we've had yet in bathtimes, and it took several towels to mop up the water. I had nice clean floors afterwards though!

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