Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Little Rascals

My sweet little kiddos can be such rascals sometimes!  They are at an age where they are together all the time, whether playing and getting along or not.  Recently they have begun to get into trouble together.  Lately it isn't too strange to find a hunk of cream cheese with a bite out of it laying on the kitchen floor, or sticks of butter randomly discarded with bite marks in them.  We all know that Hudson is the one who is guilty of this minor crime, but Annalise is right there with him and probably giggling the whole time.  This last weekend we bought bagged milk from Kwik trip instead of jugs.  We thought it would save us a few cents, but my worst fears happened...the kids both got into the refrigerator to get themselves some milk and it spilled all over the floor, through the floor boards and into the basement.  Milk was dripping on the basement floor.  We are never going to buy bagged milk again, it just isn't worth it! :)

When they are not getting into trouble together or Annalise isn't tattling on what Hudson is doing next,  they are getting along really well.  I can't think of a time when they are ever in separate rooms playing unless Annalise has some of her dolls out that she doesn't want Hudson to get.  I don't want to end my story above without a positive one.  The other day Annalise decided to take care of Hudson and he let her wipe his mouth and hands off after eating, unbuckle him from his booster, and lead him upstairs to play together.  She is going to be such a good mommy or caregiver someday.  But that's a long ways away, as we remind her.

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