Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

     Jeremy and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this January - we've been married for 5 years!  This is quite a cold time of year to have a wedding in Minnesota, but the day we were married was so sunny, bright and beautiful, after fresh snowfalls in the days before, and I was so happy and excited to marry the love of my life and start a new adventure with him, that I don't even remember feeling the cold in my thin, lace wedding dress and 2 1/2 inch heeled sandals.  I remember feeling warmth, excitement, confidence, love, and peace.

     We celebrated our anniversary this year by going to the Redwood Room again, where we had our unexpected first date 5 1/2 years ago.  The restaurant re-opened this year after having been closed, and they have live musicians playing and singing again.  There is always something special about looking across the table from each other with warm candlelight lighting up our eyes.

      Of course, I also had "morning sickness" nausea to deal with while on our date, but having a yummy spinach salad, french bread and a warm bowl of soup helped with that.  This isn't our first anniversary celebration with pregnancy nausea.

     I am married to a good, godly man.  We had a very fast dating relationship and engagement before we were married, but we knew each other as friends for at least a year before our first date...We met at a kids camp outside of town while cleaning up and picking up sticks with a "singles group" called the Harvesters.  It really wasn't anything at all like a singles group most singles have experienced and was not at all about finding someone.  Much more than just "hanging out" together, it was about serving others, growing in our faith together over serious topics, real friendships, and having adventures.  This was such a refreshing time.  Through all of that Jeremy and I somehow ended up liking each other alot and got married.  Friends are so valuable to have and aside from our spouse and children they are our most treasured earthly possession.  So if you are single, don't discount any opposite sex friend in your life as not possibly being "the one" you can fall in love and spend the rest of your life with.

     We're still figuring out the bigger mission for our life together as a married couple with kids in the picture.  We are learning that having children does not need to limit our call or mission from God, and if we do feel limited it is because of our lack of faith and vision and not because He is doing that to us.  I just finished the marriage book Love & War by the Eldridges and I think it's one of the best marriage books we've ever read - the most honest, real book about the ups and downs in marriage, even in couples who love God and love each other... Not just a bunch of sayings and principles we all hear or like to hear.  




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