Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 新年快乐!

Jeremy has two days off from work this week and we have been resting and recovering from our colds.  Last week Jeremy did not have any days off from work. I am so thankful to have him home and have a few days free. Yesterday we went to the Mr. Pancake House for brunch and tried to take a walk in the park, but it felt too cold with our headaches and earaches. We should recover soon though, especially by next week when my parents come to stay with us for two weeks!

Here is some artwork of the nativity and manger scene Annalise and Hudson made, and our simple, fun Christmas tree, called a "Shengdan shu." Annalise also made a piece titled "heaven" which we used as wrapping paper for a gift to a friend of ours.

The manger scene by Annalise & Hudson

"Shengdan Shu"

Remember to think about the lives that were lost on New Years Eve and their family members. We care a lot about the people in our city and want them to find hope, faith, and life.

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