Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is so much fun!

We are into the third day of out trip here in Brazil and it is getting better and better. We've had plenty of opportunities to rest in the afternoons between meetings, after the first day. The coffee is delicious and the lemonade! I (Lisa) just wanted to share how coming here being 6 months pregnant has really spoken to the Brazilian ladies. All the ladies in the church services who want to conceive and have a baby are coming up to me and asking for prayer. Some have not been able to conceive and others just maybe haven't yet. I also got to pray for another young lady today who is pregnant. She wanted prayer for her husband who does not come to church with her. I am finding that many women are wanting me to pray for their families or husbands. We felt led in intercession to pray for the men in Brazil to have greater passion for God and to join their wives in the things of God. Amazing things are happening with the women in church we have met, and I believe God is going to bring the men to where they need to be as strong leaders. Praying for all the ladies who want to have babies is not something that I can visibly or immediately know when there are answers to prayer, so I think we can tell the Brazilian church pastor and he can get back to somebody later to let us know. God wants to bless marriages and families, and bring more babies into that church!

I was also able to pray for an older man today for healing of diabetes and gouter in his knees, and he said most of the pain left his knees. He was able to bend his knees when he couldn't do that before. We prayed for his circulation and blood sugar return to normal levels, and the end of diabetes. There are many other stories like this that I could share but sometimes it happens so fast when you are praying for person after person that you can easily forget the names and details of what happened! I just have to try to remember the ones most recent or that stood out to me the most. One that also stood out to me was a lady who wanted me to pray for healing in her abdomen from a "cosmetic surgery" she had had, and she said she was healed from all the pain her surgery caused her. This somehow stuck out to me because many people are judged for getting "tummy tucks" and cosmetic surgeries, but God doesn't care. He just loves this woman and healed her of any consequential effects of the surgery. He wanted her to know how beautiful she is and how He loves her.


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