Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip to Brazil

We are leaving for our Brazil trip on Monday! This is our outreach trip for the school year. Everyone needs to go on some type of trip whether international or local, and we really wanted to go international as usual. Since I am due the end of June the other international trips the rest of the school is going on would be a bad time for us. This one is a better time for me to go. I visited my nurse practitioner the other day, who I see for all my prenatal appointments, and she wrote a note authorizing me for travel by air until the end of May. We were still not entirely sure what facility I am going to deliver this baby. Olmsted is where I had Annalise and I liked the private rooms and the fact you could stay in it the whole time (no delivery room), but they do not have midwives there. I am not totally happy with all of the O/B doctors and would rather have a midwife present for delivery, but as long as I have a detailed birth plan it should go better this time. I love the nurse practitioner I am seeing and it's too bad they can't do the deliveries too! When we get back from this trip I will have more time to think about it and plan for the baby's arrival. I will have 3 months left to do that.

The biggest preparation has been getting ready to leave Annalise with the Grandparents (mom's side) for one whole week. She just turned 16 months and I have never been away from her for more than a weekend. We will be gone from Monday the 22nd to Tuesday the 30th of March. I've been getting her all packed and trying to tell her that we will be gone and she will have fun - we know she will because she seems to have more fun with Grandparents than she does at home with us! I need to go shopping for some food that she will like and eat while we are gone, and is easy for them to fix for her. She's been drinking cow's milk that I buy organic, but my aunt recommended checking out goat's milk sometime or finding a place that gets it from goats locally. I got her a little jug of it the other day and she loved it, so I'm thinking of switching to that since it is much better for toddlers. I am so relieved that the snow has melted and spring is here. At least I won't have to worry over bad driving conditions while we're gone. We will bring Jeremy's computer to have skype available and maybe we will have time to update our blog or send email updates of our trip.

We have a couple days left for attempting to learn Portuguese phrases we will need. I have several long pages printed out. It looks like Spanish at first, but the pronunciations can be different and less easy to read. We have our team list and are all meeting at the Sao Paulo, Brazil airport on Tuesday morning where we will be met by staff from the organization we're going with. The rest of the week we will be in meetings in the morning for training, and in the evening for ministry. Alot of people will come to the meetings and we'll be up late, getting back to the hotel around 1 or 2 am. We really appreciate everyone's wishes and thoughts for us, lifting us up to the Father for our safety and protection. Thank you so much! Bless you!

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